2017 Northwest Challenge

Where: Enumclaw, Washington

When: October 21, 22, 2017

Here are the known details…

Event – (Oct. 21, start time 8:30am )

The trails are not radical, however depending on your driving experience and style there is potential for damage. This has been run in a LWB 109″ with no issues but there are some very tight areas. This is not a beginner run and competitive off road driving skills are essential!

-this will be a run with a base camp

-Will be held outside Enumclaw, WA.

-Day run with possibilities of a night run optional

-Old School Group run of follow the Leader with an emphasis on Group Teamwork and FUN!!! (no GPS necessary for run navigation)

-Primitive camp sites (more info to follow for participants)

-An area pass is required and can be purchased close to the venue (more info to follow for participants)

We Look forward to seeing all, please RSVP so we can contact with more information as the even draws closer

Thank you
Erich Neal / Timm Cooper

Please RSVP:

Updated September 24, 2017.

A brief history of the Northwest Challenge

In 1989 the first Northwest Challenge was held in Oregon, organized by Doug Shipman. The group of Land Rovers braved the wet weather and headed out into old snow conditions, which made for slow progress. Although there were no prizes for this wet run the Northwest Challenge has evolved over the last 25 years and has even been featured in Land Rover Owner, Land Rover Monthly and Land Rover International Magazines. The original organizers Gord ‘n Perrott (WA), Aart Van Der Star (BC) and Doug Shipman (OR) thought it would be best to share the load of putting on this event every year and thus the Northwest Challenge alternates host locations between Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Since 1989 members of the Pacific Coast Rover Club and Rover-Landers of British Columbia have organized and participated in the Northwest Challenge. Dedicated Land Rover enthusiasts have come from as far as Vermont and S.F. California to participate.

Typically entry is accepted on a per team basis, although depending on what the organizer does, you could be assigned a teammate/truck when you arrive. A team consists of two Land Rovers with a minimum of two adult occupants per vehicle. Land Rovers must be licensed, insured and in good mechanical condition. A proper roll bar is required for all open and soft-top vehicles. Equipment carried, must be sufficient to see the team to and over all obstacles encountered, without the assistance of other participants.

In recent years it has been challenging to find enough volunteers and hard-core participants to pull off a challenge similar to the past, where most often the teams consisted of two vehicles, each with a driver and co-driver. The Challenge is evolving to included more technical and fun challenges, and participation by newer vehicles and competitors, rather than just a tough off-road event. With this, new life is being breathed in to a long-standing Land Rover event in the Pacific Northwest.


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